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Are you searching for civil marriage advice in Glasgow? Are you looking expert legal advice on all aspects of civil marriage or civil partnership law and agreements? We are here to give expert advice on same sex marriage and civil partnerships, this could mean dissolving a civil partnership or getting a divorce in a same sex marriage.


Civil Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Act 2014


Civil partnerships, at the present time, are only available to same-sex couples in Scotland. Up until the 16th December 2014, same-sex couples weren’t legally allowed to marry anywhere in Scotland. Scottish law introduced the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Act 2014. This changed the law meaning same sex couples can now legally marry. The change in law also allows those who had a civil partnership agreement in place to convert their agreement into a civil marriage if they so wished. This can take place either by having a proper marriage ceremony or by a legal administrative route.

With same-sex marriages being made legal the number of civil partnership agreements has declined steadily in recent years with civil partnerships being converted into civil marriage on the incline.



Civil Marriage – the difference between civil partnership agreements and marriage?


In general terms civil partnership agreements and marriage afford you the same legal rights in Scotland. There are some issues that may arise with the legal recognition of your union especially if you plan to go and live abroad. There are some countries that recognise same-sex marriages or civil marriages and civil partnership agreements, some countries won’t, depending on their own laws on the matter.

Inevitable like any marriage a civil marriage can come to an end, financial disputes are resolved in the same way as those in a divorce between heterosexual married couples, civil partnerships are the same as well the civil partners can claim aliment and periodical allowance in the same way as divorcing couples and also make claims for capital sums, and pension sharing orders. All financial disputes have to be settled before the dissolution takes place. The ‘clean break’ principle for example is the same for divorce and dissolution of civil partnership agreements.

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