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Searching for civil partnership lawyers in Glasgow that deal with civil partnership, civil marriages or same sex marriages? Need advice on a dissolution agreement or same sex marriage divorce? Our award winning family law firm are here to advise on all things related to same sex marriage and civil partnerships.

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The Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Act 2014 was an act passed in 2014 which allowed same sex couples to marry, creating the same legal relationship as an opposite sex couple enjoy. It also will mean that if the marriage is coming to an end, like same sex couples, you will need to consider a separation agreement and eventually a legal divorce.

In Scotland a civil partnership allows for a legal relationship between parties of the same sex. Similar to same sex marriage it brings legal consequences. A civil partnership requires to be registered and can only be legal if both parties are over the age of 16. Neither partner can be married or already in another civil partnership. A civil partnership will come into effect as soon as the partnership is signed at the ceremony. Since the introduction in 2014 of legal same sex marriage this has overtaken civil partnerships in popularity in fact many couples who entered into civil partnerships are now deciding to get marriage. This can be done in an administrative way or by ceremony.

We are here to help in the legal aspects of a civil partnership or same sex marriage. We will take into consideration the rights to be recognised as each other’s next of kin, the rights to your partner’s pension scheme in the event of their death and the obligation to support each other financially. Each partner will also have the ability to claim against a person who caused the death of your partner through a wrongful act.

Like any relationship or opposite sex marriage, civil partnerships or same sex marriages can come to an end. Given that this is a legal relationship, certain legal procedures must be followed and an application made to the Sheriff Court for dissolution of the partnership or marriage. We are here to help with separation agreements or to help file for a divorce.


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