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Cohabitation Agreements

Searching for a law firm in Glasgow that deals with cohabitation agreements? Need to know what are your cohabitation rights? For many years we have put couples who are living together minds at rest in advising them on legal cohabitation by introducing and legally putting together cohabitation agreements.

Cohabitation agreements Glasgow

Because cohabitants now have rights under the Family Law (Scotland) Act 2006, you may be looking at or decide to enter into cohabitation agreements. We understand that moving in with someone is a huge decision. Many couples take this decision without really looking at the legal aspects that this move may have. Most couples are excited in taking such a huge step in their relationship and will really focus on things that will excite them and are very unlikely to be focusing on what could happen if things don’t go to plan and you split up at some point in the future. The legal definition of cohabitation is if a person who is, or was, living with another person as if they were husband and wife, or two persons of the same sex who are or were living together as if they were civil partners.

pexels-photo (1)If you do fall into the category of a legal cohabiting couple, we can provide you with legal advice to suit your situation. The most common way we can help in a cohabitant situation is in the drawing up of cohabitation agreements. Common things to consider protecting should things go wrong in the future are; Is your partner is moving into a property you already own or are you buying a house to move into and one of you is contributing more than the other towards the deposit. Do one of you have a child/children with your partner or previous partner.

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We absolutely understand that when it comes to cohabitation agreements discussing or even thinking of discussing this with your partner is not the most romantic gesture, but it makes sense to ensure your assets and family are protected now and in the future. For a consultation contact our Glasgow family lawyers today.


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Cohabitation Agreements

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