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cohabitationSearching from experienced cohabitation lawyers in Glasgow? Are you wanting to know what your cohabitation rights are? Looking to put in place a cohabitation agreement? We have a team of Family lawyers who specialise in all things related to cohabiting couples.

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Since 4th May 2006, in Scotland there are potential claims, which could be made, if you are in cohabitation – living together and it comes to an end in separation or death. It is still some way off in putting cohabitants in the same legal footing as a married couple but it does provide limited financial provision for cohabitants whose relationship has ended.

When couples who are in a relationship stop living together and either partner makes an application to the court within one year a court may order a capital sum to be paid. The capital can be paid by instalments. If the court deems one of the partners has suffered an economic disadvantage. in the interests of their former partner, or their child (including a child accepted as a child of the family). Other things the court may consider is if a former partner has gained an economic advantage where they will need to contribute. “Contributions” can be financial or non-financial, like bringing up children. Unmarried couples still have no legal obligation to pay maintenance to each other if they separate, although there may be an obligation to pay maintenance for a child in respect of the future economic burden of caring for any children of the cohabitants. Unlike let’s say a married couple, a couple in cohabitation, there is no provision for the transfer of property, so you could not ask to have the house transferred into your name. However, provisions can be made for surviving cohabitants to make a claim on their deceased partner’s estate, but only where there is no will in place.


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Where we can really help in cohabitation is putting together a cohabitation contract. This can be very useful especially If you are about to buy a house to live in together and one of you is putting in more by way of a deposit. We would also advice on making a will, again an area which we can help in. For information and to arrange a cohabitation consultation contact our family lawyers in Glasgow today.


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