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Unfortunately, as the stats will show, some marriages inevitably will end in divorce. This situation can and probably is one of the most stressful situations any family can find themselves in when the inevitable happens, you have tried all you can but ultimately the relationship has gone as far as it can and divorce in now the only way forward.

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Our family law firm has been established in Glasgow for many years now and unfortunately has seen a huge rise, especially over the last 20 years, in these types of cases. The good news is that this experience helps us truly understand how stressful these proceedings can be. Which is why we are not only here to offer the very best legal advice, our solicitors are here to offer this advice in a compassionate and helpful way. The breakup of a marriage is very daunting. We appreciate having to cope with every day things such as the school run, the shopping, let alone work can have a huge detrimental effect on yourself and the family. Having the added burden of hiring a divorce lawyer might feel like just another added stress making you feel more anxious than you already are, with our family law firm we are different, we appreciate what you are feeling which is why our advice is friendly and our divorce solicitors are very understanding.


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We are here to help!  In Scotland the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage is the only grounds for divorce however this can be for many different reasons such as;

One-year separation if both parties agree to the procedings

Two years’ separation if only one party wants the divorce

Unreasonable behaviour


Often the most important immediate issues for any couple who decide to separate is to make the correct arrangements for the children now and in the immediate future and splitting up the property and financial obligations.

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