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Do you have a legal issue that involves family law in the UK and are wondering if you can apply for legal aid for family law? The areas of practice covered by family law are very broad and all-encompassing. As such, there is actually not a single body of law that covers all of family law legal practice in England and Wales. This is because while some laws are codified such as the laws governing the welfare of children, divorce, marriage, as well as domestic abuse – UK family law also takes case law into account. These are not strictly codified laws but are actually the decisions and legal opinions of The Family Court on certain specific issues that have already been decided upon previously. These previous decisions form a part of case law and are taken to be a part of the family laws of the UK.

What do you do if you cannot afford legal representation or advice?

As you may be well aware of, in order to give yourself the best chance of success in a case involving UK family law, it is always in your best interests to get professional legal advice and representation from a qualified solicitor or barrister as the case may be. However, what do you do if you cannot afford such legal representation? Are you destined to forfeit your rights and lose the case? Not necessarily. This is because you may be eligible for legal aid for family law. Now the fact of the matter is that legal aid for family law is not as readily available anymore as it was in the past, however, this does not mean that it is nonexistent.

When is legal aid for family law available?

Legal aid for family law is only available in certain situations and these are very specific. Let us discuss each of them one by one.

Domestic Abuse

Cases of domestic abuse are always eligible for legal aid for family law. The abuse may either be physical, psychological, financial, sexual, or even emotional. The remedies available include injunction against an abusive individual as well as a forced marriage protection order.

legal aid for family law

Social Services Involvement With Your Children

Legal aid for family law is also available in this case wherein the supervision and care of your children is involved.

If you are an underaged litigant or somehow involved in family law

If you are below the age of 18 and you are involved in case that requires the application of UK Family Law, then you are definitely eligible for legal aid for family law.

International and Domestic Children Abduction

This is not necessarily a form of forced kidnapping. An example would be if you and your spouse are separated and your children are living with your spouse who is attempting to flee the jurisdiction of the UK without your consent and with the children in tow. You are eligible for legal aid in order to help you secure a court order to prevent the unlawful removal of your child from the UK.

Other areas of family law are not automatically eligible for legal aid since 2013, but funding may still be procured depending on the merits of the case.

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