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Thinking about separating from your partner? Needing advice on legal separation in Glasgow and are not sure what to do next? Our team of family lawyers can help explain what is involved, the difficulties that you might encounter, any considerations you may want to make and provide real solutions that just might take away some of the stress that you might be under whilst considering legal separation.

Legal separation Glasgow

Normally during a legal separation some practical things, you will need to consider and will need answers to would be the mundane day to day things like work, the school run, child care, the mortgage, the bills. Who pays for what and who is entitled to what? If you have children, their welfare should probably be a priority especially if you have a partner with an addiction or who is violent or sexually abusive which has made things even more urgent to get out of the relationship.

Whatever your reasons are for a legal separation we are here to help! Firstly, we will advise on the possible problems you would be able to deal with yourself. We will then put together a plan of action and get a legal separation agreement in place. We appreciate where children are involved the sensitivity of this so we are always careful how this is approached with the children. We also offer a very realistic approach, for example any money claims on legal separation are generally about the practicalities and fair sharing and not blame apportionment or aggravating unpleasant feelings of guilt.


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