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Looking at putting a prenup in place before marriage? Searching for a lawyer’s firm in Glasgow that deal with prenuptial agreements? Our family law firm in Glasgow have for many years now helped couples put together prenup agreements which are put in place to secure the very best future for couples who are about to get married.

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A prenup or prenuptial agreement has traditionally been looked upon as some way distasteful even a sign that the marriage is doomed before it has even begun. Prenuptial agreements are becoming increasingly popular and not just for the rich and famous however the popularity has increased because or as a result of some high-profile cases where they have been shown to be effective. Prenuptial agreements should also be taken to include civil partnership/marriage agreements.

A prenuptial agreement, is simply a contract entered into prior to a couple getting married or entering into a civil partnership or civil marriage outlining specific provisions on what one party should receive on separation or divorce. A prenup is put in place to secure parties’ positions for the future, avoids uncertainty, and in turn disputes, provides reassurance that parties are together for the right reasons, and not simply because one is wealthy.

The position regarding prenuptial agreements is different in Scotland and therefore Glasgow than that of south of the border. In Glasgow if a prenup is properly prepared it is enforceable and legally binding. We are here to help properly prepare the agreement whilst taking away any stigma attached.

Our divorce solicitors are highly experienced in making sure that every Prenuptial agreement is tailored to meet individual needs, offering scope for creative drafting. Simple prenups can usually include a list of what each owned prior to marriage and sets out in detail exactly what should happen on breakdown of the marriage, in terms of who gets what, when and how. A well-drafted prenuptial agreement should involve careful consideration of the future, and parties’ aspirations and plans.


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We appreciate that at first a prenup might seem unromantic however in our experience being clear and frank about money is usually an important ingredient of robust and long lasting relationship. For the very best advice on a prenuptial agreement contact one of the team today and arrange a consultation.

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