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 Prenuptial Agreements

Searching for a law firm in Glasgow that specialises in prenuptial agreements? Are you a young couple where one or both are independently wealthy? Or are you an older couple who have children from a previous relationship and want to ensure the wealth that you have created can be safeguarded for the benefit of the younger generation? We are here to help you through the minefield of questions that you really need answered to ensure that your new marriage can get the best possible start.

Prenuptial agreements Glasgow

Any couple who know that in marriage they will likely use funds which one or other has generated all by themselves might want to ring fence those pre-marriage funds with prenuptial agreements even though they will most likely change in some shape or form and become matrimonial property. A couple where one or both has complicated business interests, which may be subject to re-structuring during the marriage. All of these reasons and many more are generally regarded when  prenuptial agreements should be put in place. Unromantic as this may seem it really makes sense to put things in place now should circumstances change further down the road during marriage. We will always make sure that they are handled sensitively, there is no reason what so ever why a prenup should be seen as just another part of the wedding preparations.


Prenuptial Agreements – are they for everyone?

In our experience prenuptial agreements tend to arise from a few situations. If one or both of the partners has been married and divorced before, they might want to avoid future dispute in the event that the second marriage or civil partnership – civil marriage breaks down or if one or both are already wealthy, perhaps with considerable inherited assets that they may wish to protect. Sometimes after marriage things can arise which could trigger the possibility of a post-nuptial agreement.

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Prenuptial Agreements

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